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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tax Free Weekend

This past weekend was 'tax-free' weekend in Texas, so all clothing under $100/item was tax free. Gap had a promotion that the first 50 customers in their stores will receive a new pair of jeans valued up to $69.50. I got to Gap on Saturday morning at 8am expecting to wait in line. Not a single person there! The location near me didn't even know that they were supposed to open at 9am. They ended up opening the doors at 9:25, I grabbed my jeans & headed over to a different Gap to get another pair! Amazing deal- 2 FREE pair of jeans (aka $140 FREE!!!!!). I had also purchased a Gap Groupon ($25 for $50 worth of clothes). I was able to stock up on undies & comfy clothes.
Weekend shopping:

$140 jeans--------------------> FREE
$126 Gap clothes/Groupon---->$25
$36 groceries------------------>$12.36
$61 Target run----------------> $34.26
Approx $70 for groceries, clothes & essentials!

I'll be living off of my groceries (the weekend trip and last week's trip) for the next week! Starting September 1, I'm going to challenge myself to live off of $50 worth of food for a month ($50 will include all meals)!
Have a fantastic week!

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