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Friday, March 18, 2011


Rosebank Market is huge market where people sell their crafts to tourists and some locals. Lots of bargaining and TONS of unique things to buy.

Dancing outside the market

Yael, Matt, Graham & Dani

Graham's family was so wonderful to take us around and show me the country. We went on a mini safari at Glen Afric, just outside of Johannesburg. I'm only posting a few animal pics because I have too many! We had the opportunity to pet a zebra & a few elephants.

More pics coming soon....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're Back!

Graham and I have been gone for the past couple of weeks in South Africa. I met all of his cousins, aunts & uncles. What a gorgeous country! We did a mini safari (viewing only of course), visited Johannesburg (family), Cape Town (the Southern most part of the country) & Durban (beach town on the Indian Ocean). In Cape Town we stayed BUSY drinking wine at Groot Constania (vineyard), visiting museums, driving to Cape Pointe (where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean), checking out the penguins who naturally live on Boulders Beach, enjoying the views/mountains and walking on the beach. I'll upload the pics shortly so that you check out what we saw on our amazing trip! I'm counting down to our next visit!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Picasso & Paws

We were invited to Picasso & Paws, an art fundraiser for a local animal adoption group. The dogs made art, and we were able to take it home. Jeepers made a beautiful picture. The event took place at an art gallery co-op, and after the dogs made the art, we were all invited into the gallery to look around and enjoy food and drinks. Such a fun Sunday afternoon!

Bella getting cleaned up after making her picture (very messy process, as you can imagine)!
Group shot!

Graham and Jeepers enjoying the gallery after Jeepers created her masterpiece
Have a fantastic week! I'm going to try to do better about updating with pics. I will have some great pics to upload in a few weeks, so check back!

As Promised...

I have updates with pics over the past seveal months! In October, I met a fantastic guy named Graham, and we spend a lot of time together (when he's not working). Most of our time is spent with our families and close friends or mini weekend side trips. We feel so lucky to have found each other.
The Woodlands

Big dinner w/Graham's family when Alice & Trevor were visiting

Brenham for Heather's PT graduation/Birthday party!

I entered Jeepers into a Halloween contest at Petco... Although she was the prettiest fairy there, she didn't win. Apparently the costume had to fit her personality (if you know Jeepers, you know that she's not the most graceful)

Jeepers has a couple of friends (Niko & Sasha) who celebrated their Birthday. They had the party at a custom frame shop (Niko & Sasha's parents own it):

They even had doggy ice cream, which is Jeepers new favorite snack:

Weekend visit with Pawpaw!

Graham's parents & my parents came over for brunch to meet each other. Although I don't have any pics of people, here's the set up:
Drink area

Breakfast buffet area (egg casserole was still in the oven)

The table set up

Friday, February 18, 2011

Long Time

OK... I know... I haven't updated in months. I have had so many new changes and new things going on that I haven't known where to start. Over the past several months I have gone on lots of small side trips, and I'm getting ready to go to South Africa! Life has been busy and exciting, which is always a good thing. Jeepers & Dexter are doing well (in case you were wondering). This weekend, I'm taking Jeepers to an art fundraiser where she will make her own piece of art! I can't wait to show you pics next week!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sorry I haven't written in a while... I started a new job, and it is a fantastic change! I am very happy. I am learning a lot, and I am able to take on a lot. I love it! Hopefully I'll have photos before the end of the week to show you some things that have been going on!

Yay for new beginnings!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Bella!

Bella had her 1st Birthday party this weekend! This was Jeepers first doggy Birthday party, and she had a blast. It was also the first time for her to swim in a human pool (instead of the doggy pool at the dog park). I'm pretty sure that she prefers to swim in the dog park pool over the human pool...

The dogs enjoyed running around the pool and jumping in to get the balls

Andrew hosing down Sasha with Bella & Jeepers in the background

Bella & Sasha running around

Bella with one of her Birthday presents- a baby pool

Happy Birthday, Bella!!!!