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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Target Savings

Most of you know that I'm a huge coupon/rebate/savings fanatic. I'm contemplating starting a blog about my savings to share my knowledge and information to others about spending less & saving more. I organize my trips to the grocery store & Target by my coupons. I (majority of the time) will not buy something without a coupon. I go to the store with the coupons out for the items that I want to buy, and I shop from those. ...Otherwise I end up spending way more because I impulsively grab things off the shelf that I THINK that I need.

My Target trip last night:

Betty Crocker brownie mix (impulse buy) --> $0.89
Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner ---------> $6.99 (-$6.99 coupon) - FREE
Bio True contact solution -------------------> $4.99 (-$2.00 coupon) - $2.99
Skinny Cow Ice Cream ---------------------> $1.22 (-$1.00 coupon) - $0.22
DiGiorno Pizza -----------------------------> $2.89... On sale 2/$4 (2 -$2.00 coupon) - FREE
(Pencil sharpener --------------------------> $0.20 on clearance)
(Crayola Crayons --------------------------> $0.25 on clearance)
Bottom two items not pictured because I donated them before I got home.

Total Spending: $4.83

(*$3.24 will be reimbursed by my flexible spending account that I have through work.*)

Not too shabby!!!!!

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