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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Weekend

We kicked off the weekend with HORRIBLE weather (tons of rain), so we stayed in Friday night and caught up on laundry. Saturday was rainy again with a work out class, Costco, and going out. I had a great dinner with a girlfriend at Max & Julie's. Then, Lisa invited me to Vintage to see rapper, Lil Flip. We had a great time! You can't really see Lil Flip very well below because we were camped out in a corner below a fan because it was so hot.

Sunday, Brittany and I were supposed to go the Cardiac Cup (big polo match). Unfortunately, due to the heavy Friday/Saturday rain, the match was cancelled. So, we decided to go to Cyclone Anaya's and have a drink on their patio. Can't wait to see her next month when I visit her in NYC!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week In Review

Last week was VERY hectic (but great). It started out with a fantastic dinner for the Holocaust Museum Houston (HMH) honoring and awarding the LBJ Moral Courage recipient, John Prendergast. He was a wonderful speaker with a great cause; he's trying to end genocide in Africa. He has such a genuine passion for his cause; I was very impressed with him. My grandmother was so kind to include me and my parents at her table. Here are some photos:

In addition to the HMH dinner, Brittany is back in town visiting for a couple of weeks, and we had our big Mother's Day celebration... It has been fantastic spending so much time with family and friends.
Friday night dinner w/Brittany

Mother's Day dinner with the fam!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Past Several Weeks...

I am so sorry! I haven't updated in weeks... Things have been so hectic with family, bridal showers and my animals.

A couple of weeks ago my cousin (well Dad's cousin), Norm, came intown. He lives in Canada, and he spends a couple of weeks a month in Houston with his dad. Norm has such a positive attitude about life; it's always a pleasure to spend time with him. We had a fantastic dinner at Backstreet Cafe, and I look forward to seeing him again- hopefully next month.

Last weekend, I went to Farin's bridal shower luncheon. I was seated at a hilarious table with a really great group of girls. Her future cousin-in-law (who is VERY creative and talented) pulled the center pieces together. Each table had a different theme, and most of the pieces in each centerpiece were things that Farin had registered for. I was so impressed that I took some pictures to share:

Tapas centerpiece

Baking centerpiece

Pasta centerpiece

Now... to get up to date... I spent this weekend running errands (like always), cleaning (like always), and hanging out with friends. I did however bake a challah. I was given my great grandmother's challah bowl, so it was a really neat experience to use it and think about how she was making challah in it 100 years ago. This is how it turned out: