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Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I have SO much to write about from Friday through Sunday! Friday I went to Target (barely finished shopping in time before dinner), and I had some excellent finds:

Cetephil face wash & moisturizer (a daily necessity): $8.94 + $5.64 (-$5.00 coupon for 2 Cetaphil products) --> $9.58 (not an amazing deal, but I was in need for it, so I had to splurge)
Dawn: on clearance for $2.34 from $2.89 (-$1.00 coupon) --> $1.35
Schick Hydro 3 razor: 6.99 (-$5.00) --> $1.99
All detergent: $4.49 on sale from $4.89 (-$1.00) --> $3.49
Scotch tape: $0.50 on sale from I'm not sure what --> $0.50
Clorox toilet tabs: BAD- NOT ON SALE, but I needed & haven't found a coupon in months- $4.74
2 tie-dyed tank tops: $10.00 on clearance for $2.50 --> $5.00
Cut off shorts: $14.99 on clearance for $3.47 --> $3.47

Total Spending: Just under $70.00

Total: Savings: Just over $40.00

Total Spent: $31.80
Not the best deal that I've had, but it was a decent savings, and I got a lot of things that I needed.

Saturday, Mom & I went to the Houston Design Center for a big sample sale. I didn't find anything, but I learned a lot about rugs & I got a lot of decorating ideas. I bought a beautiful Kilim (made in turkey) to go by my bed. I've been looking for another one (to go on the other side of the bed) for a while. Unfortunately the rug stores didn't have any that I liked in the size that I needed.

Houston Design Center- beautiful setting!
Sunday, Jeepers & I went to Beaumont to visit PawPaw and have lunch. We had a great time, and I made it home just in time to shower and head out to Improv to see Jo Koy with Adam Hammer opening for him. This was the first stand up comedy show that I have ever seen, and I LOVED it. The show was HILARIOUS; I laughed so hard that I cried. It was a neat/cozy venue, and I look forward to seeing more shows there.

Jo Koy with a fan after the show

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