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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Saturday was so much fun- it was the PERFECT day out with the girls. First, Lisa & I went to a REALLY intense spin class (we decided on not riding outside due to weather)-great way to start out the day. Around noon, our group piled into the car and headed to The East End Urban Market (which was different) & ate at a little place next door that has incredible veggie sandwiches. Then we went out to Hubbell & Hudson. We somehow managed to spend over 2 hours there- who would have thought that a grocery store would be so much fun! On Sunday, I went to Benjy's for brunch; I must admit- it was one of the best brunches I have ever had (not to mention the great company!).

Just a few pictures of Dexty as I was changing the sheets. Isn't he SO cute hiding under the covers!?!?!

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