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Monday, February 9, 2009


I had a great weekend visiting my sister in Colorado! I can't wait to go back & visit again.

Dexty immediately got in my bag before I was even able to START packing... Too bad I couldn't take him with me.

Then, as I was changing the pillowcases, he grabbed one to cuddle up with.

Skiing. You can't see from the sign, but this is where I did my first half pipe! Pretty scary, but REALLY fun.

Jason, my ski instructor, and I at a pub.
Tracy & I after dinner at The Kitchen- what a cool restaurant!

Tracy & I at Centro (a funky brunch restauarant)

This is the lovely frat'date party' at the frat house that Tracy took me to. There were 3 rounds of beer pong going all at once. I tried to play, but I was horrible (haven't played in literally years).

Tracy & I at the 'date party'

AND... this is my date for the 'date party'. Thank you Tracy for coordinating. Even though I felt super old, at least I had a Texan as my 'date.'

Remember lofted beds?!?!?

Tracy & I in her cute dorm room.

Greatest place for brunch- Dushanbe Teahouse, and interestingly the whole building was imported from Dushanbe! Great food & amazing tea!

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  1. super cute photos Em!! can you tell i'm just now figuring this thing out :) hahaha. i love it though, especially the music!!