Search & Win

Monday, January 12, 2009


My first training ride was interesting- first half was great with a fantastic tail wind (average speed- 17mph), second half was not so great with a terrible head wind (average speed- 9mph). I completely forgot my camera. After the ride & a very hot bath, I went to Beaumont to visit Pawpaw! I taught him how to do laundry (first time ever!) since Rose had open heart surgery. We had a great weekend. Saturday afternoon, I bought some ribbons for Dexter. He looks absolutely adorable, so I will post pictures of him with his different looks- precious. Sunday we over to L'Auberge. Unfortunately we didn't have a big win, but as Pawpaw says, "Everyday is not a holiday!" Glad to be back in Houston for the week!


  1. Way to go Emily! Now post some pics of Dexter and those ribbons...

  2. LOVE your page! Pictures of Dexter ADORABLE, my fave is the animal print bow!! Let me know if you ever want to go for a ride while you're training :) Seattle Rock n' Roll marathon is June 27... I turn 30 on June 9 so you have to help me celebrate when you get back!!! ;)