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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Linds & Me before I left- FUN weekend

Jenny, Jess, Linds

Lisa, Jenny, & Me

Girls Dinner @ Webster's Wine Bar- Lisa, Jenny, Me, Linds, Jess

Grand Central- Jenny, Me, Lindsay

Belly Dancer, singer, & Jessica (Lindsay's coworker)

Sober & uncomfortable @ Arabia

My weekend trip to Chicago was a blast! I stayed at Lindsay & Willie's beautiful apartment, and we spent the weekend eating, drinking, and shopping (what could be better!?!?!). Friday, Lindsay and I went to a hookah/bellydancing bar called Arabia for one a co-worker's Birthday party. It was interesting to say the least. Then we met up with some friends at Grand Central (bar) then the infamous The Store. And OF COURSE we ended the evening with a lovely chow down of a whole box of pizza rolls AND a whole pizza. "K"lassy evening. Saturday evening was pretty much a repeat. HOWEVER, Saturday during the day Brandon met us @ Fox & Obel (one of my favorite Chicago spots) for lunch & was sweet enough to drive us around Wicker Park & shop with us.


  1. Awww looks like a great time! Too cold for me though...