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Monday, February 21, 2011

As Promised...

I have updates with pics over the past seveal months! In October, I met a fantastic guy named Graham, and we spend a lot of time together (when he's not working). Most of our time is spent with our families and close friends or mini weekend side trips. We feel so lucky to have found each other.
The Woodlands

Big dinner w/Graham's family when Alice & Trevor were visiting

Brenham for Heather's PT graduation/Birthday party!

I entered Jeepers into a Halloween contest at Petco... Although she was the prettiest fairy there, she didn't win. Apparently the costume had to fit her personality (if you know Jeepers, you know that she's not the most graceful)

Jeepers has a couple of friends (Niko & Sasha) who celebrated their Birthday. They had the party at a custom frame shop (Niko & Sasha's parents own it):

They even had doggy ice cream, which is Jeepers new favorite snack:

Weekend visit with Pawpaw!

Graham's parents & my parents came over for brunch to meet each other. Although I don't have any pics of people, here's the set up:
Drink area

Breakfast buffet area (egg casserole was still in the oven)

The table set up

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