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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Past Several Weeks...

I am so sorry! I haven't updated in weeks... Things have been so hectic with family, bridal showers and my animals.

A couple of weeks ago my cousin (well Dad's cousin), Norm, came intown. He lives in Canada, and he spends a couple of weeks a month in Houston with his dad. Norm has such a positive attitude about life; it's always a pleasure to spend time with him. We had a fantastic dinner at Backstreet Cafe, and I look forward to seeing him again- hopefully next month.

Last weekend, I went to Farin's bridal shower luncheon. I was seated at a hilarious table with a really great group of girls. Her future cousin-in-law (who is VERY creative and talented) pulled the center pieces together. Each table had a different theme, and most of the pieces in each centerpiece were things that Farin had registered for. I was so impressed that I took some pictures to share:

Tapas centerpiece

Baking centerpiece

Pasta centerpiece

Now... to get up to date... I spent this weekend running errands (like always), cleaning (like always), and hanging out with friends. I did however bake a challah. I was given my great grandmother's challah bowl, so it was a really neat experience to use it and think about how she was making challah in it 100 years ago. This is how it turned out:

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